Eva Schalckens

Eva Schalckens creates her designs for the intellectual and art loving woman who loves her own, unique style. The woman who wears Eva Schalckens knows what she wants and chooses deliberately for craftsmanship, creativity, passion and fair fashion.

Whether she goes to work, has a dinner party at home or out with friends, the theatre or a party – the Eva Schalckens woman wants to feel good in her clothes and likes to show it as well.


Eva Schalckens - Ready to wear
Eva Schalckens - Finishing Touch
Eva Schalckens - Let's Party
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“We lost track of the proportion between quality and price. The pricetag that hangs on cheap clothing doesn’t reflect the fact that somewhere in a low cost country someone paid the price by not receiving a fair wage.

And our planet had to pay a high price for it too. This is all not included in the price we pay, but it sure should be.”

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